God of All

  White or Black- God Of All or Not God at All by Primus Pamphile   Thank you my friends for your daily inspiration, Prayers, Love, Support and Kindness throughout the week. It was a blessing to have you as a blessing. Food: My friends it have become very disturbing to understand how some people […]

Good Vs. Evil

  Good Vs. Evil By Primus Pamphile     If you're thinking of killing (destroying) your enemies, They will win. If you're trying to kill (destroy) your enemies, They will win. If you're going to encourage someone else to kill (destroy) your enemies, They will still win. And if you finally killed (destroyed) your enemies, […]

Knowing The Difference

  Knowing The Difference by Primus Pamphile     Friends of mine! During the days of: Adam and Eve, Noah Sodom and Gomorrah and Job's wife, Moses, etc etc. etc. What you think that really destroyed these people, Is it God or their Disobedience??? Something to think about.   Have a blessed weekend and a […]

One Way

  One Way By Primus Pamphile. Jesus said: No man comes to the Father except through ME! There's only ONE way to the Father, and that's through the Son Jesus Christ. So if you're trying to get to the Father through any back door like: The Pope The Priest The Pastor The Government The Saints […]

Food For Thought

  Food for Thought by Primus Pamphile     Fears should be in our past, Not in our present, and definitely not in our future. For I've seen the settings and the rising of the Sun, I've seen the rain drops, and the dryness of on the land, And as a sinner I'm moving towards […]