Good Vs. Evil

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Good Vs. Evil


Primus Pamphile


Primus Palmphil


If you're thinking of killing (destroying) your enemies, They will win.

If you're trying to kill (destroy) your enemies, They will win.

If you're going to encourage someone else to kill (destroy) your enemies, They will still win.

And if you finally killed (destroyed) your enemies, Then they finally win, and your heaven will be your hell.

If you killed (Show) your enemies with kindness, Then it's either both of you win or they lose and you win.
For the battle is NOT OURS, BUT THE LORD.

Just imagine Jesus Christ had killed (destroyed) His enemies, He would lose, we would lose and the earth would run by losers, for that He went all the way and take up our loses upon Him so that we may win.

So when your enemies attack you, just remember The Price That Was Paid On The Cross,

Great fights are not won by the muscles of the tongue or the power of the arm, but the the muscles and power of the mind. Blessings xoxox


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  1. Brynell says:

    Reading this makes my deciisons easier than taking candy from a baby.

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