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Primus PalmphilThank you my friends for your daily inspiration, Prayers, Love, Support and Kindness throughout the week. It was a blessing to have you as a blessing.

Food: My friends it have become very disturbing to understand how some people are trying to paint a completion for Jesus Christ , just like they used to complaining about a white Santa Claus now the marketing businesses have given them a black Santa Claus making them happy for their money,

So the fight about Jesus Christ Race, Completion, Religion or Nationality, Is NOT your problem my friends,
because it seems like only based on any of these they will serve Him, and it’s sad that these are coming from the so called educated, friends education maybe the key but NOT to every door,

Yesterday a guy stopped in traffic and said to me, You know Jesus was a Muslim?
I said yes I know,
Today a guy came to me and asked, What was Jesus nationality?
I said God of Heaven and Earth.

I say this to say that if Jesus Christ was black I would have served Him as much as if He was White and if He was White I would have served Him as much as if He was Black. For it’s about Grace and Not Race.

Some said that religion was forced upon us by whites, So if that’s the case what’s about the millions of things that was forced upon us and today we are out of it?
Can’t we get out of our forced religion the same way?

How many Churches have you been or heard of that there are white men standing by the doors with guns, whips, and ropes to torture any black men who refuses to worship?

Today we all have a say, and that say is our choice where we’re free to worship or Not worship, There are those with a Relationship with Jesus Christ and there are those with a Religious-Ship, that’s their choice, not forced but face.

Life’s greatest distraction is a man who speaks of everything but knows nothing,

Now my friends when you get questions like these do not let it send you into hiding or searching, because it Satan’s tricks performing by his agents to caused distractions,

Always make your answer simple not arguing or debating,
Example: what was Jesus Christ Religion? God of all or not God at all.

What is Jesus Christ Race?
God of all or not God at all

What is Jesus Christ nationality?
God of all or not God at all.

For He said I am the God of Heaven (everything in Heaven) and the God of Earth ( everything/mankind/ black, white, red, yellow, blue, orange, grey, name it a and He’s the God of it) on the surface of this earth

So don’t be distracted but stay attracted to God for the devil is alive and a liar seeking whoever he may devoured, using your very own to get to you when he can’t get you. So Build a Relationship today and God will build you today.


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