The Family

by Primus Palmphile

1 Peter 1:3 God has given us the privilege of being “BORN AGAIN” So that we can be members of God’s Own family. For everyone of us are created and loved by God, but it’s up to everyone of us on an Individual basis to choose if we want to stay in that love and Family of God

What is the Family of God ?

1st Timothy 3:15. The family of God is the Church of the living God where the Support and Foundation of Truth is.

What is the Church of God ?

The Church of God is Not an Organization
The Church of God is Not an Institution
The Church of God is Not a Political entity
The Church of God is Not a Society
The Church of God is Not a Business
The Church of God is Not a Marketplace
The Church of God is Not where people Sell and buy.

The Church of God is A FAMILY Where Love Abide, and as Children of God WE are called Brothers and Sisters in Christ and are to behave like Children (family) of God no matter the Circumstances or Challenges in our daily lives, or with each other.

The Purpose of our Creation is for us to be a PART OF THE FAMILY of God, So if we are Not a Part of that Godly Family, we are living on this earth like a building without a foundation.

Romans 12:5 So we, being many, are One body in Christ, and every One members One of another.

We belong to each other (created for each other) and each one of us needs each other. Blessings


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