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The Blood that Gives me strength from day to day, It shall never loose its Power.



Your Family Gospel Station – All your gospel music day and night. Twenty four hours a day for your listening pleasure. Come sing and dance along with favorites of yester years and today's contemporary christian music and artist. Tune on with your song request and dance to the tune tapping your feet. Giving God praise in music and song.



Your request is welcomed and will air on RadioHope in the instant or withing the next 15 minutes if a program is not on.

Please click here to request your song from the list of songs on our data base

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6:00 – RiseUp

6:15 – The Amazing Facts

8:00 am – Focus on The Family

12 Noon – BBC World News

3:00 Pm – Unshackled

6:00pm – Story time

8:00 – Focus on the Family

7:15 -Music and request

9:15 – The ShoutOut          

            Monday  -Reggae

           Tuesday – Up Beat

           Wednesday– Soft/Songs of Worship

            Thursday -Caribbean Night

            Friday – Mix Up

10:15 pm -Prayer/Sign Off

11:00 pm – Unshackled